Information is the seed for an idea, and only grows when it's watered - Heinz von Bergen

Leader’s Toolkit

Welcome to the N Vision Leader’s Toolkit section! Keeping to the spirit of our Statement of Purpose, especially “we improve leadership performance and organizational results”, here you will find pragmatic tools that will help you clarify your vision and engage the group to release their true potential.

A word of caution here; we’ve used the following interventions with very positive results, however we cannot guarantee your outcomes. From time to time we will describe activities from other sources, and if so, will clearly identify the source. If you are a leader and would like to use one of these learning interventions, please prepare carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Additionally, we nvision this section to be organic and dynamic, and continue to grow from your suggestions. We will review your contributions and consider listing them in this leader’s toolkit section! Just send us your experiences and let us know if you’d like us to post them on this site with your name.

Pragmatic Ideas to Bring Your Values Alive Pragmatic Ideas to Bring Your Values Alive (58 KB)
Push or Pull Kick-Off Meetings Push or Pull Kick-Off Meetings (162 KB)
Your Leader's Forum Your Leader's Forum (129 KB)
Leader Feedback Processes Leader Feedback Processes (109 KB)
Your Expectations Exchange Your Expectations Exchange (84 KB)
Capturing Your Leadership or Group Reality Capturing Your Leadership or Group Reality (80 KB)

Ensure exercises are clearly explained, and use these “learning interventions” as positive and constructive development opportunities! Review and discussion afterwards are very fruitful, especially when relationship issues and differing perceptions are raised. Plan and practice all unknown aspects of the activities before using them. Logistics, facilitation and especially how you split the group into the numbers of team members per team are factors which have a big effect on how the exercises work and the experience for all.