Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. - Immanuel Kant

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Our Head & Heart is a collection of ideas, resources and frameworks to support your personal and professional development in leading yourself, others and organizations with head and heart.

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Collaborative Leadership

  • The Fertile Field of Collaboration
  • In Praise of Rebels
  • Collaborative Leadership - Lofty goal or bottom-line changer
  • Leading Team Collaboration
  • Collaborate or Separate?
  • Collaborative Leadership


Mindful Leadership

  • Your Invitation to a Mindful Meeting
  • Back to School - Mindful Meditation
  • You Look, But What is it That You See?
  • Warning Signs for Mindfulness
  • Headful or Mindful
  • Mindful and the Bottom Line


Feast or Famine

  • Feasting on Uncertainty
  • Creating a Framework for Famine
  • A Heavenly or Hellish Team
  • A Tale of Five Stands at Cebit
  • Are You Waking Up to Feast or Famine?
  • Is There enough to Go Around in Your Organization?


Creating Beyond Boundaries

  • Creating Beyond Boundaries
  • Five Steps to Turn Stress Into Creative Tension
  • Creativity Starts at Home
  • Psychological Safety and Change: The Five Pillars
  • Attachment
  • Creating Beyond Boundaries

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