Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. - Immanuel Kant

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Our Head & Heart is a collection of ideas, resources and frameworks to support your personal and professional development in leading yourself, others and organizations with head and heart.

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Contrarian Leadership

  • Building Contrarian Competence 
  • The Power of Soul - Lessons From a Contrarian Leader
  • Risk or Opportunity
  • Word Watch: Think you Know What Contrarian Means? Au Contraire
  • Just Ticking Along
  • The Contrarian

The Voice of Leadership

  • Crafting Your Leadership Voice
  • Finding The Jester In You
  • Aligning The Inner And Outer Voice Of Leadership
  • Word Watch: Confidence
  • What Is Your Song: Finding YOUR Leadership
  • The Voice of Leadership

Leadership Essentials

  • The Essentials of the Moment
  • "Who Am I and What Do I Want?" - Essential Q & A's
  • Revenge or Reconstract?
  • Word Watch: Essential
  • A License to Lead
  • The Courage to be Essential

In Search of Accountability

  • In Search of Accountability
  • Stepping Up
  • A Count Ability
  • Word Watch: Accountability
  • Who's Accountable Here? Somebody? Anybody? Nobody!
  • How to Avoid Mixing Hippies and High Explosives

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