Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. - Immanuel Kant

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Our Head & Heart is a collection of ideas, resources and frameworks to support your personal and professional development in leading yourself, others and organizations with head and heart.

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Leadership Resiliency

  • Leadership Resilience
  • Good Things Come to Those Who Persevere
  • Word Watch: Resilience
  • Decoding Resilient Leaders
  • How resilient is your organization?

Leadership Confidence

  • Leadership Confidence
  • Developing Confidence at the Edge
  • The Two Sides of Confidence
  • Word Watch: Leadership Confidence
  • Becoming A True High Performer
  • Confidence Comes from Strengths!

Leadership for Growth

  • Leadership for Growth
  • Growth: A Different Kettle of Fish
  • The End of Growth
  • Word Watch: Growth & Creativity
  • Personal Growth for Organizational Growth
  • Questions for Growth

Lessons from the Downturn

  • Leader Lessons from the Downturn
  • You Have to be Seen to be Valued
  • (Re)Viewing the Crisis
  • Rising to the Ocassion
  • The Power of Instinct & Vision

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