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Learning Alliances

N Vision's Learning Alliances are a carefully selected group of organizations and individuals who, from our point of view, set an exceptional standard of excellence in their particular field or vocation. Please look over our learning alliances in detail to see if their experience, expertise and energy can be of benefit to you and your company. If you have any additional questions about our learning alliances, please feel free to contact
N Vision Managing Director and Senior Partner, Dan Norenberg.

JPB - Business is Human

JPB Consulting, led by Jochen Peter Breuer and Pierre de Bartha and based in Paris, is one of the world's leading relationship management consultancies. JPB founded the principle of MENTAL MERGER® and has successfully supported dozens of global organizations that recognize that it is not sufficient to handle mergers, co-operations and joint ventures by only treating the so-called "hard facts" such as legal aspects, organization, structure and financial elements. The "non-material reality" (soft facts) such as hopes, fears, states of mind, affinity between key players and management style are now unanimously considered as at least as important as the hard facts.

Gregor Staub

Gregor Staub, founder of MegaMemory®, is one of Europe's learning facilitators. Over the past 15 years, he has coached and trained over 250,000 people to successfully utilize more of their "brain potential" through his MegaMemory® learning methodology. Gregor is an engaging and entertaining facilitator, an ideal choice for speaking engagements and large or small learning interventions.

singer & partner - IT Service Excellence

Founder Jörg Singer's vision is to improve the competitiveness of technology organizations, specifically IT groups. Singer & Partner's consulting interventions focus on the development of a competitive service orientation that helps IT groups position themselves as value-added partners with their customers. N Vision Learning Solutions has worked closely with Singer & Partner and strongly recommends their consulting and implementation services.